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Civil service can be a dream come true in the first attempt, Learn Satyam Gandhi’s strategy

IAS Topper Satyam Gandhi’s Success Story: Success in the first attempt at the UPSC test proves how effective the strategy is for people to realize their dream of becoming an IAS. One such story is that of Satyam Gandhi, who was ranked 10th all-India in UPSC 2020. Satyam is one of the lucky candidates who has achieved the desired success in the civil service in the first attempt. He adopted a very simple technique and worked hard. Today we are telling you about Satyam’s Yasogatha and the lessons learned from it.

This is how the journey began

Satyam was originally from Samastipur district of Bihar. It was decided to prepare for the UPSC shortly after. He was very clear about his goal. Intermediate then decided to do BA Honors from Sociology. In the last year of her graduation she began preparing for UPSC. With his hard work, he made his dream of civil service come true.

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This is the technique of doing so

Satyam Gandhi first prepared the study material according to the UPSC syllabus and made the study schedule. According to him, if you study for about 8 to 9 hours every day, you can succeed in this exam. They first strengthened their base and started preparing from zero. Gradually he came to Standard Books and enlisted the help of the Internet in preparation. Strive in the right direction and aim at the first attempt.

Watch Satyam Gandhi’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Satyam’s advice to other candidates

According to Satyam, you have to first prepare yourself mentally for success in civil services and then proceed with a good schedule. They say that when you strive for it every day, you can reach your destination. Satyam advises you to assess your preparation from time to time. According to them, after the preparation is over, the maximum revision should be made and the mock exams should be done, to correct their shortcomings.

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