CBSE 10th Class Result Date: When will the 10th result come? CBSE said

CBSE 10th Class Result Date: The CBSE 12th exam results were released on Friday. After this, the CBSE has now announced that the 10th result will be announced next week. CBSE Examiner Regulator Sanyam Bharadwaj said, “We will be working on the 10th exam from today and will try to give results next week.

The 12th result has been announced

Though the CBSE 12th exam results were released on Friday, the eligibility list for this year’s top candidates has not been announced. This time, 318 students out of a total of 12 lakh 96 thousand have passed the Class XII examination, which is 99.37%. Only 100 per cent of students in the Central Vidyalaya have passed.

PM Modi wished him well

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the students who passed the 12th class and wish them good luck. He tweeted, “Congratulations to my young friends who have successfully passed grade 12, best wishes for their good and bright future. For those who think they can work harder or perform better, I want to tell them to learn from their experiences and keep their heads up.” Opportunity-filled prospects await you, and every one of you has a wealth of talent, and my best wishes are always with you.

Students ’mixed reactions to the outcome

There is a mixed reaction from the students regarding the 12th result. Ludhiana resident Khushi is a student of humanities. She said- I’m very happy because I wasn’t expecting 90 percent points. But commercial student Vanshika Gupta said she was not expecting 98.4 per cent marks. I’m happy enough. The government took a good look at the epidemic and the safety of the students.

Delhi student Abhishek Choudhary expressed disappointment over the results of the 12th examination. He said the test result was not as expected. Abhishek said- I was expecting 80 percent marks but I was disappointed by this. I wanted admission to a government college, which now seems difficult.

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