Can only English-speaking people crack UPSC? Learn the Truth by IAS Himanshu Nagapat

IAS Topper Himanshu Nagpal’s Success Story: There are many rumors in the society regarding the UPSC. There is also a rumor that if you speak English fluently, you will have success soon. But you get success here with overall hard work. Today we will tell you the story of Himanshu Nagapal who succeeded in UPSC in the first attempt. You would be surprised if you knew that he was avoiding English in the early days of college. But gradually he made a good command over it.

There was a big accident after the interval
Himanshu, a resident of the village, went to Delhi for the first time to get admission in college. He went to college with his father for the first time. His father, who saw the list of top people there, expressed his desire to add Himanshu’s name to the list. On his return, however, his father died in a tragic accident. A few months later, his brother also died. Himanshu somehow managed himself with these accidents. After that he studied diligently. He fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS in UPSC 2018 by attaining rank 26 on his first attempt.

There was such an experience about English
In the early days of college, his English was not very good because he was studying in Hindi medium till 12th. In such a situation, there was nothing to be afraid of speaking in the classroom, but gradually they improved their English. However, Himanshu believes that for success in UPSC, you must have a good grip on all things. If you want to prepare yourself in Hindi, you say you can achieve success with hard work.

Watch an interview of Himanshu Nagpal’s Delhi Knowledge Track here

Himanshu advice to other candidates
Himanshu Nagpal believes that you should forget your background when preparing for UPSC. If you strive in the right direction in any language, you can find success here. According to him Hindi or English does not make much difference. According to Himanshu, you should study every day during UPSC preparation. If you work hard, with the right strategy, and work hard enough, then you will surely succeed.

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