By following this easy way to clean WhatsApp, you will get rid of the hanging problem

No matter what the app is, after a while it starts working slowly. The same is true of WhatsApp. If your WhatsApp is hanging or working slowly you should clean it. In WhatsApp Chat, users don’t clean up photos, videos and document files unnecessarily and this makes the app hang. Today we will tell you how to clean WhatsApp.

Disable this feature in WhatsApp
If your phone’s space is full, it will affect your WhatsApp. To avoid this, you have to disable the App’s feature so that the space is not usable. You can disable the option of self-saving media files in WhatsApp. After that any media file you want will be saved on your phone.

Do these things to clean WhatsApp

First open WhatsApp and go to Settings.
Then tap on Data and Storage Usage.
This is where the Storz Uses option appears at the bottom.
A list of all chats will appear as soon as you tap Storage Storage.
Here you can check how much storage is being used.
Once this is done, tap the chat where you want to delete items.
After this a list of all the photos will appear.
Now delete your unused list on this list.
With this, your WhatsApp will be clean and the space will be increased too.

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