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BJP MLA Ram Pratap Singh Chauhan fearing not getting tickets, huge outrage among supporters

UP Assembly Elections 2022: After the Samajwadi Party’s official candidate Dharampal Singh joined the BJP in the Edmundpur constituency of Agra, supporters gathered at the residence of BJP MLA Ram Pratap Singh Chauhan in Gandhinagar, Agra. Many activists have announced that they will resign from the party.

Regarding this, defending legislator Ram Pratap Singh Chauhan says, “Since independence, my whole family has been associated with the party and the party has been my mother.” However, it is not understood on which basis the ticket was slashed. Ram Pratap Singh Chauhan has accused some people of conspiring against him. When I had immense support, I developed my constituency in Dharampal Singh, although the ticket was cut and my workers and well-wishers made a decision in such a situation and I am with it. Decision.

Lawmakers have made this big accusation

MLA Ram Pratap Singh Chauhan also said, “When I tried to talk to the regional president in the morning, he did not pick up the phone. Now he is calling and telling about the inclusion. It is unfair to me, I would take the same step in this situation whatever the workers say. On the other hand, all the activists said that Dharampal Singh had filed false cases against him and sent him to jail. However, on what basis were they given tickets? BJP is not ready to fly with Dharampal Singh in such a situation.

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