Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 viral post says Lakshmi Jayan is the first Eveicted contestant

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 is in full swing. The competition is getting tougher as everyone is starting to put in a strong performance. But first the audience is curious to know who will go out through the eliminations. Elimination will be based on the audience vote in which each stands strong.

It is yet to be ascertained whether the elimination will take place when Mohanlal, the presenter, arrives on Saturday or on Sunday. Meanwhile, will singer Lakshmi Jayan be knocked out of the Bigg Boss house in the first elimination? Suspicion is rising. Big Boss ophisyal has been carccayavukayum group.

Lakshmi Jayan is one of the rare singers who can sing on stage in both male and female voices. The singer who shakes the audience when she gets there. Lakshmi, who learned to sing on her own while pregnant to teach her unborn child to sing, has made a name for herself as a good performing singer, but it does not seem to have been of much use at Bigg Boss House. Heard Lakshmi say in a weekly task that it was when he was two that he felt an emotional closeness to her as a mother.

That’s when I really connected with you. Now I love the baby company so much. Lakshmi has not revealed anything more about her married life. Many people do not want to talk about everything in public. No wonder Ottamol, who lived like a son at home, is reluctant to do housework. This one dialogue by Lakshmi is enough to open the eyes of all the unhappy couples who want a divorce.

‘Only after falling down will we realize how high we were standing’. Remember that she said that about the days she lived with her husband. Lakshmi realized this when she was away from her husband. In her experience, she says that her mother-in-law used to take away dirty clothes and wash them. But since there is no one to help her at the Bigg Boss house, Lakshmi will be most helpful at BB House, which will be a training ground for doing everyday things on her own.

When Lakshmi secretly tells some people that she is abandoning all the strategies she makes against her opponent to avoid conscience, they do not think who is going to lose. Lakshmi also forgets Bigg Boss’ suggestion that those who came to play should win. It remains to be seen whether Lakshmi’s voting status will oust them today or tomorrow. Let’s wait until then …

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