Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Mohanlal gents angry to firoz sajna and michelle

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 was going on without any major problems. After that, Bigg Boss was in a state of eruption. Eventually things got to the point where Bigg Boss warned Sajna to make a suicide threat.

Michelle is a contestant who came to the show through a wild card. On the very first day, Michelle made allegations against the powerful Dimple in Bigg Boss. It later turned into a huge explosion. Michelle came to the scene with a skepticism about Juliet’s story told by Dimple. Feroz and Sajna came to support Michelle.

Audiences allege that Michelle violated the law not to say things outside from inside the house. It is alleged that Feroz and Sajna were playing in front of Michelle. Later, a dispute arose between the two over the same issue. Bigg Boss House also witnessed Dimple burst into tears over the allegations made by Michelle.

Juliet’s parents later told her that Michelle’s allegations were false. Anyway, fans are waiting to see how Mohanlal and Bigg Boss will react over the weekend against Michelle’s offense. In the meantime, the promo video that is coming out now will increase the excitement of the audience.

Mohanlal arrives to meet the contestants even before the show starts. Mohanlal arrives with good temper. He then asks Michelle and Feroz-Sajna to stand up. He asks if you know why he was told to get up. Feroz asks if it’s Dimple’s. Michelle then says that it will be when she calls Michelle. The lieutenant replied that he was asked if it would be or not.

Mohanlal’s response was explosive. Mohanlal says that you will definitely be punished for this. He says you just have to answer. Audiences say this is the first time in Bigg Boss’ seasons that such an event has taken place. Mohanlal, who is always laughing and talking, is exploding today.

The audience is now curious to know what the punishment will be for the group of three. Audiences are asking if action will be taken against those who violated the law or if it will turn out to be a joke. Audiences are commenting through comments. It remains to be seen what the new incident will pave the way in the wake of the rising voices against Feroz and Sajjana in recent days.

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