Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Mohanlal about First Eviction

The Bigg Boss show is moving forward with twists beyond expectations. In just a few days, many were able to win the hearts of the audience. But first everyone is waiting to see who will go out through the Elimination. A contestant is eliminated based on the audience vote. On Saturdays and Sundays, presenter Mohanlal arrives to expel the contestants and let them in. The promo video for today’s episode also showed the presenter exploding against three stars. Feroz Khan, Sajjana and Michelle, who came through the wild card entry, had committed the offense.

It was not clear whether any of them were going out as they were told inside what had happened outside. Mohanlal had hinted that there would be a strike against them. But this week, the presenter has stopped short of the nominees. There are eight. Everyone was answering the question of whether anyone felt like going out on their own.

When Dimple says he can be anyone, Adoni says he’s happy to stay here or go out. Sandhya says she got a lot of memories from here. Sai Vishnu’s response was that we do not know how people outside will accept what we are doing here.

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