Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 BB fans advice to Firoz khan about wife Sajna

Things changed when new guests arrived at Bigg Boss, which was generally considered peaceful. Three people entered the house through a wild card entry last week. Feroz Khan, wife Sajna and Michelle Ann Daniel. On the very first day, the trio got into a verbal dispute with Dimple Bhal.

Contestants also questioned what Dimple had to say about what had happened outside. According to the new promo, Mohanlal has also questioned this. The presenter stood up with Feroz, Sajjana and Michelle and spoke with great anger. Fans have come out with a warning that this will not end here.

Audiences will no doubt say that Feroz Khan is the strongest contender for this Bigg Boss season. The premise is that Feroz will be able to buy the winner’s prize on the 100th day. But fans say Feroz could be home sooner rather than later if he stays here with his wife Sajna. The Bigg Boss Malayalam Official Group has been flooded with posts since yesterday.

‘Either keep your wife strong, or let her go home. Feroz is likely to leave immediately if he does not do any of these. Feroz is a competitor who deserves to be on the list of those who complete 100 days.

Because the spot knows how to create content and how to deal with it head on, and the last couple of days have proven that it has the courage to face group attacks. A fan wrote in a post that these are the kind of people who should be in Bigg Boss and not the ones who drown in two.

Most people would say that not coming alone is the biggest stupidity for Feroz. He knows how to work by looking at the weaknesses of his opponents. I have to say that there was never a time when the camera did not show the spot at least 5 minutes after the spot came. This is called screen space. The spot clearly knows what needs to come on camera. Feroz quickly managed to put the rest of them in a corner. Fans also point out that he is a good game changer.

At the same time, unlike the first days, the last episode shows Sajjana fighting over trivial matters. Audiences say he’s a bad competitor when he sees them fighting over the bathroom and the bucket. The cheap show that was done just in the name of underwear is also being questioned.

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