Bigg Boss Malayalam 3: Mohanlal is furious with Firoz, Sajna and Michelle

The preview released on social media of tonight’s Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 episode is definitely exciting, with some fireworks. It shows host Mohanlal getting angry with wildcard contenders, who entered the house last weekend.

Mohanlal refers to TV celebrity couple Firoz Khan and his wife Sajna and young actor Michelle and asks them to stand out. “Do you know why I chose your three?” The star asks for them. As Feroz says worriedly, this is probably over the dimple problem. When Mitchell admits that this is probably the case, Mohanlal can be seen as saying, “You will be punished, of course.”

Although Mohanlal is generally friendly, he shows his rigor in difficult situations where competitors need to be kept in place. Last week, RJ Firoz set fire to leftovers from his apples on the compound wall of the house.

Feroz, Sajna and Michelle shook things up in the house as soon as they arrived, saying that Mitchell used the story of the death of her school friend Juliet to gain sympathy for the show. Michelle had tattooed Juliette’s date of birth before her Bigg Boss came home, and then went to her best friend’s house for the first time in 20 years. Later, Firoz decided to get to the bottom of the matter by checking the facts with Dimpol, but it ended in tears and altercations.

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