Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Mohanlal angry to Michelle Ann Daniel Sajna Firoz khan february 27

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3: Bigg Boss has a fever on social media. Fans Army is also on the scene reviewing each episode and campaigning for the favorite contestants. Even the small walkouts at Bigg Boss House are hot discussions on social media.

The promo of Bigg Boss’ weekly episode is now being discussed on social media. In the promo, Mohanlal is seen talking angrily when he arrives at Bigg Boss’ house.

Mohanlal asks Sajna, Feroz and Michelle to stand up and ask him if he understands why he was stopped. When Feroz and Michelle ask if Dimple’s issue is the cause, the actor speaks angrily. “You will surely be punished for this. Answer me for asking, ”Mohanlal tells Feroz and Michelle. The promo hints that this week’s weekly episode will witness some of the hottest events.

Sajna, Feroz Khan and Michelle arrived at Bigg Boss House last week through a wild card entry. Shortly after her arrival, Michelle adopted a strategy of emotionally paralyzing Dimple. Michelle’s criticism that Dimple’s story about her best friend Juliet in Bigg Boss is fabricated and that Dimple is caring for someone who’s dead to get the audience’s sympathy. Michelle and Feroz questioned Dimple about this and Dimple exploded with both of them.

Competitors and spectators alike commented that the game played by Michelle and Feroz was not fair, with episodes being watched from the outside and things happening outside the house. The promo video has now arrived after that.

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