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Best Gadgets: Get these special gadgets home for just Rs 499 this festive season

Best Gadgets: During this time, the festival in the country is full of burdens. Shopping has begun everywhere. Speaking of the tech market, this time you get great deals on many brands of products. The tech company, which makes reality, budget and affordable products, is offering great deals on many of its products this festive season. In this report, we tell you about some of the special gadgets of many companies, which start at Rs 499.

Realme 30W Dart Charge Power Bank
If you are thinking of buying a good and fast power bank, you can buy a 30W Dart Charge Power Bank of Realme at this festival. This 10,000mAh power bank supports 30W dart charge. The front side of the Power Bank is given a textured finish with RealMe branding. Users take advantage of LED lights to detect power bank charging levels. The device has a USB port that generates 30W to charge to your smartphone. It also supports 10W, 15W, 18W and 20W charging standards. In addition, there is also the US B Type-C output. This means not only can you charge other devices at 30W, you can also charge the power bank at 30W.

UBON’s 3 in1 power bank
If you want to buy a power bank that comes with wires, you can go to UBON’s PB-X12 Power King Portable Power Bank. Its price is Rs 1,199. It has a built-in V8, Type C cable and iPhone cable. That is, you do not need to carry the cable separately. This power bank comes with a 10,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery. It can charge 2.4 times for the iPhone and 2.2 times for your Android phone. Aside from the rapid charge feature, it has IC-protection that helps avoid overcharging, over-discharging or short-circuit. The device comes in black and PVC plastic is used.

Realme Buds 2 Neo
For music lovers, RealMe has released new Buds 2 Neo earphones, priced at Rs 499. Customers can buy it from Realmy’s online store, Flipkart, Amazon and main channels. The earphones are available in black and blue. The Realmi Buds 2 Neo is powered by 11.2mm dynamic drivers. This is a wired earphone and comes with heavy bass sound. It is much better in terms of noise.

Mivi DuoPods A25 Earbuds
In the budget segment, the Mivi’s DuoPods A25 earbuds are a good choice. His voice and design are very good. The build quality is also excellent. Many advanced features can be found in these earbuds. Mivi’s DuoPods A25 earbuds are priced at Rs 1,199. You can buy these earbuds in blue, red, black and white, color options. Speaking of features, Google-Siri Voice Assistant is supported in this. The DuoPods A25 earbuds have touch control, Bluetooth 5.0 and a powerful battery. The company claims that the battery gets a 30-hour backup at full charge. Mivi’s DuoPods A25 earbuds feature features such as noise separation and auto on-connectivity. In addition, the IPX4 rating is given for dust, sweat and splash proof. Microphones are provided in earbuds, and users can use them in a variety of ways.

Realme weight
Nowadays people are getting very serious about their health. That’s why more people are taking gym support from exercise now. They work hard enough to control rising weight. At this time you will find many machines to measure weight, but the Realme weighing scale is special in many ways. This quantity helps to measure the accuracy of 50g with a weight of 350kg. It also has a BIA sensor, which gives you information on your body fat, muscle content. It features a real-time heart rate monitoring sensor on a reality scale. All data can be accessed in the Realme Link App, so you can track your health through this device. Its price is Rs 1399, it is high quality and comes with many good features.

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