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Before you send a voice message you get a chance to listen, you will be able to delete it, know this amazing trick

WhatsApp Trick: The instant messaging app WhatsApp is popular worldwide for its excellent features. In this, new features are provided depending on the user’s facilities. There are some features that most users don’t know about the app, but these features are very useful. We will tell you today about one of these features. So let’s learn about it.

You should be able to hear it before sending the message
In fact, when you send photos and videos to someone on WhatsApp, you have the opportunity to preview. Did you know that when we send a voice message to someone, he also gets a chance to listen? Many times such a voice goes in our voice message, it may not be known, but the message reaches as soon as we release the mic icon. But today we are going to tell you such a trick so that you can listen to it before sending a voice message.

You can use this feature
Before listening to voicemail on WhatsApp, first open someone’s chat.
Now record the message by pressing the voice icon and the mic icon.
Now, without leaving the mic icon, click on the button behind the smartphone.
By doing this you will be able to hear the voice message.
Now if you want, you can delete it or send it if you want.

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