Be careful when it comes to net banking, follow these tips to avoid fraud

Change passwords regularly

  • Change the Net Banking Account Password Regularly.
  • Always keep the password confidential and do not share it with anyone.

Do not give your details to anyone & nbsp;

  • The bank will never ask for your personal information by phone or mail.
  • Never provide login information if you receive any call or mail asking for details.
  • > Enter the login id and the password is only on the bank’s official login page. Check ‘https: //’ in URL when login.

Check the account & nbsp;

  • Check your savings account after doing an online transaction.
  • Check if you deduct the same amount or more than the amount you want to send. & Nbsp;

If you notice any difference please inform the banks. & nbsp;

Use proper anti-virus

  • It is important to protect the computer from viruses.
  • Use licensed anti-virus software.
  • Pirated versions of anti-virus software & nbsp; Don’t use it at all. & Nbsp;

Turn off the Internet when not needed

  • The Internet should be turned off if there is no work. & Nbsp;
  • Malicious hackers can access your computer through an Internet connection. & nbsp;

Do not do net banking from a public computer
Net banking should not be done by any such public system. For example, computers in places such as cyber cafes or libraries should not be used for this purpose. & Nbsp; If you need NetBanking from such a computer, do it.

  • Delete cache and browsing history.
  • Also delete all temporary files from the computer.

    & nbsp;

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