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Be careful if you are using an iPhone, Facebook is spying on you

IPhone Warning: The iPhone is a special choice of people because of its different security and privacy features. In the case of some applications, there is a dent here too. Recently, there has been a revelation that Facebook has been stealing data from iPhone users to keep track of their activities. If you also run Facebook with the iPhone you should be careful. Let’s find out what the whole thing is.

The researchers warned

Recently, cyber security consultants Talal Haj Bakri and Tommy Misk have warned that Facebook is spying on iPhone user data with the help of an accelerometer. This theft is happening even if users opt out of third party app tracking.

Eyes like this

It is said that even after turning off the tracking permission, Facebook will detect where you went, what you found, and what’s on your phone. He does all these things through an accelerometer. Accelerometer is the most common and necessary sensor on the phone. It keeps telling the phone’s software how you’re using the phone. This is where you find Facebook when and where you are. What is your daily routine and what other things and apps do you have on your phone. It connects you with other users.

Its effect on Instagram and WhatsApp

Both cyber experts say the same problem exists on Instagram and WhatsApp, but WhatsApp offers the option to turn it off, but nothing like it on Facebook.

These apps do not spy

In their research, Talal Haj Bakery and Tommy Mysk found that apps like TikTok, WeChat, iMessage, Telegram and Signal do not use accelerators to monitor user movements.

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