Battlefields Mobile India launch date has been revealed, can be launched on this date

The launch of PUBG’s new avatar Battlefield Mobile India has come to a close. New updates are coming out about this game. While the company has not officially announced the launch date for the game, its release date is being revealed.

Game development company Crofton has shared the teaser on its social media platform, which has intrigued fans and gamers about the launch date. “We know you’ve been waiting for us for a long time … We’re so excited for the biggest launch of the year! Essay the date and let us know in the comments below,” Crofton wrote in a Facebook post

Fans are editing the launch on June 18th
Crofton shared a picture with a measuring device in one corner of a post. After seeing them, fans were told their own launch date. Based on the combination of numbers in the post, many fans concluded that Battlefield Mobile India will launch in India on June 18, 2021.

While Battlefield Mobile India remains a complete mystery, Crofton has already revealed that the gaming title will come with a number of features, like the PUBG Mobile, with the Erange Angel and UAZ off-road vehicle. The company has revealed that the game will feature green blood splatters, which is a bit different from last year’s banned PBG Mobile in India.

Pre-registration has begun
Let us tell you that Battlefield Mobile India’s pre-registration link opened on May 18th. After pre-registration, there are rumors that the game could launch in June if everything goes well.

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