Battlefields Mobile India can enter India next week, learn what the game conditions are

Fans are excited about the release of the Indian version of the popular game PUBG Mobile, Battlegrounds Mobile India. Now the fans’ wait for this game is about to end. According to a new report, the game can now launch in India next week. Prior to this, access to the beta version of the game was a huge response. Now waiting for its public version.

The beta version has crossed five million
Game maker Crofton recently gave access to the beta version of the game. Since then, it has been downloaded by five million users. This gives an idea of ​​how crazier the Indian version of PUBG is. At the same time, the company will also be releasing its public version soon.

The company issued the conditions
PUBG was banned in India last year after being accused of data theft. At the same time, the conditions for launching Battlegrounds Mobile India game this time are more stringent than before. If past players have the option to login via Facebook, Google Play or a guest account to play PUBG, now this game requires OTP to log in. Only through this you can log in to Battlefield Mobile India game.

These conditions will be there
Battlefields Mobile India game can only be logged through OTP.
The game can be played only after checking the OTP.
Players will be able to enter the verification code three times. After that it will be invalid.
The verification code is only valid for five minutes, then expires.
Players will be able to request OTP only 10 times to login. If you do more than this, the request will be banned for 24 hours.
With a mobile number, players will be able to register for a maximum of 10 accounts.

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