Attacks on cyber security intensified during the Corona period, which increased by 2000 percent

With the Kovid-19 epidemic and the increasing digitization in the country, there has been an increase in cyber crimes. In a program on cyber security organized by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, experts say India has seen an increase of 2,000 per cent during the epidemic. Gulshan Rai, India’s first cyber security coordinator, said there was an increase in targeted attacks during the epidemic. “Cyberwar has just begun,” he said.

90 percent of them attack the old fashioned way
In the program, 90 percent of cyber attacks are done by old methods, including phishing, malware, etc. At the same time, targeted attacks are beginning to become more and more, and their number is now nine percent. Such attacks are harmful to the country and any organization.

An increase of 2000 percent
Roy said, “In every sector of India, cyber security is under attack because they are all interconnected. During the epidemic, their numbers have increased by 2,000 per cent. This is mainly due to use at home. And it is being used for a variety of purposes, leading to financial fraud, which compromises national security. “

4 lakh complaints of financial fraud
At the same time, Home Ministry Director Ashok Kumar has disclosed that during the epidemic, the Home Ministry’s National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting Portal (NSCRP) launched in August 2019 has received more than four lakhs. About 50 percent of complaints related to financial fraud have been registered.

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