Ashwath Narayan is the agriculture vv convert in the same way as Vishweshwaraiah Engineering College

BANGALORE: The administrative, educational and economic nature of the Agricultural University will be drastically changed in the same way as the prestigious Vishweshwaraiah Engineering College (UVC), said Higher Education Minister and Deputy Chief Minister Dr CNN Ashwath Narayan.

Speaking at the award ceremony organized by the Old Students Association of Agricultural University on the campus of the Veterinary College in Hebbal, the minister said that the government has already undertaken the task of developing the Vishweshwaraiah Engineering College (UVC) with a century of history. It is being made a global educational institution by providing financial, administrative and educational autonomy. Agricultural Viva is also converted into the same model. He said the board of governance system would come up.

The Board of Governance system is also coming up in Agriculture Viva. There will be a complete change of administration. We need to get out of the political appointments, the gathering of the disciples, the vested interests. Whoever is the best should be at the top. DCM said the same guidelines are being applied to every college.

Latesttodaylive 21 Ashwath Narayan is the agriculture vv convert in the same way as Vishweshwaraiah Engineering College Vishweshwaraiah Engineering College

30 crores a year is currently being spent to run an engineering college. 1,200 crore is being spent on an IIT. As a world class facility for quality teaching and learning needs to be developed. Intended to cost. In addition to government grants, donors, students’ fees and assistance from older scholars are being provided. To that end, the college is granted financial, educational and administrative autonomy. It was informed that there would be a separate governing body.

Abolition of the License Raj System: The State Government has implemented a number of reforms aimed at abolishing the License Raj system which is enshrined in the state agriculture system and emphasizing innovation and innovation in agriculture.

About 60 per cent of our country is engaged in agriculture. The next days will be difficult, if not the nature of the industry in which the vast majority of people depend. Thus, the agriculture bills enacted by the central and state governments have benefited hundreds of hundreds of farmers. New elements have been added keeping the good aspects of the old laws. There may be lease-based farming, or increasing productivity for farm producers, and significant initiatives have been put in place to create a direct selling system from producer to consumer, DCM said.

No changes have been made to the Agricultural Product Market Act. Before that, about 1.5% cess was laid on the total trades carried out by the farmers. We have now reduced to 60 paise. The reforms that have been made in the direction of strengthening the farmers and the market system, while reducing government revenue, have not been an improvement in agriculture for the past seventy years. Everything was like standing water. They complained that they had not technically raised the farm.

Karnataka is in the forefront of agriculture technology in the country. About 50% of the country’s agro-technology companies are in our state. We are also number one in biotechnology. We are ahead of everyone else in adopting biotechnology for agriculture. The current BT sector turnover of $ 26 billion is set to increase to $ 50 billion and we are moving from traditional farming to digital agriculture. He shared the information about the weather, land, rain, etc.

The example of the father, DCM: Agriculture is a home for us. No one can cut the soil relation. I too am from a farming family. Our father is also a farmer. Even though he got a government job, he would only go back to his hometown and work in agriculture. Finally, our relatives brought their father to work for some years in government work. But after his retirement, he moved to our village, doing agriculture. Thus, no one can cut off the alliance with agriculture.

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Dr. S. Rajendra Prasad, Chancellor of the University of Agriculture, Dr. D.L.Savithramma, Dean of Vivia, Dr. K. Narayana Gowda, President of Old Scholars Association, Secretary Dr. Harinikumar was present at the event.

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