Ashutosh left his job to fulfill his brother’s unfulfilled dream, embarking on UPSC preparation, such a journey

Success Story of IAS Topper Ashutosh Dwivedi: Many times we do certain things to fulfill our family dreams, which we never thought of before. Today we tell you the story of IAS officer Ashutosh Dwivedi, who joined the job after doing B.Tech. His brother had taken the UPSC exam several times during this time but his dream could not be fulfilled. Seeing that his brother was disappointed, he decided to pass the test and fulfill his dream. He immediately quit the job and started preparing. Ashutosh has been struggling here for about 5 years.

Early education in the village
Ashutosh Dwivedi, a resident of Ray Bareli in Uttar Pradesh, had a child wedding. His financial condition was not good, and in such a situation, Ashutosh’s early education took place in the village. Ashutosh, who studied Hindi, moved to Kanpur after the interval and graduated with B.Tech. He joined a home support job. Despite his brother’s many attempts, he was unable to succeed at UPSC. In such a situation, he quit his job and went to UPSC.

What was the journey of the UPSC?
When Ashutosh gave the UPSC exam for the first time, he failed. Despite many attempts, he still had little success on the second attempt. Not bored by this, with the support of the family, he stood up and passed the UPSC exam in the third attempt but took up the Indian police service. Ashutosh joined the work but was preparing with it. Finally on his fourth attempt in 2017, he was awarded the All India Rank 70. In this way, his family’s dream of becoming an IAS came true.

Watch Ashutosh’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Ashutosh’s advice to other aspirants
Ashutosh believes the journey of UPSC is like a journey. Here you have to constantly strive. You have to face failures and improve yourself without losing courage. They say that if you prepare here by maintaining family support and motivating yourself, you will soon find success.

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