Apple Launch Event: More to come with iPhone 13 Series, Watch Series 7 and Apple iPad Mini 6

Apple will soon host the biggest event of the year. There are only a few days left for this event. Like every year, this year, the event will be held on September 14. In this, besides the iPhone 13 series, the company can also launch the Watch Series 7 and Apple iPad Mini 6. Some details regarding these products have been revealed before release. Let us know this time the company will bring something new to its event.

Apple iPhone 13 Series
Under the Apple iPhone 13 series, the company can release the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Mini. According to media reports, this time there will be a lot of changes to the iPhone 13’s Face ID feature. The company is working on special technology under which users will be able to unlock the phone by applying a mask. Also, even if someone puts glasses in the fog or sun, the phone recognizes the user’s face and unlocks the phone.

5G speeds are faster than before
According to leaked reports, the iPhone 13 series may get support for the mmWave 5G. Many countries are starting to get MMWave 5G coverage this year so users can enjoy high-speed 5G connectivity via the iPhone 13. For information, let us tell you that the MM Wave network has faster Internet speeds than other 5G networks. But its price is high.

Watch Series 7
Apple will unveil the latest Watch Series 7 at its launch event. This watch can be released with small edges and a flat edge design. Also, it can offer a smaller S7 chip, which gives more space for larger batteries or other components. This chipset is made from Taiwan’s ASE technology. There are many new clock faces in this watch.

Apple iPad Mini 6
According to media reports, the Apple iPad Mini 6 will be released with the latest features. The frontal margins are very thin. Some of its photos have been leaked, this time by Apple revealing that it can push the volume button on its iPad. Also, the power button is provided on the other side of the volume button. Its display may be 9 inches. It has an A14 Bionic processor. It has been reported in several reports that the company can launch it with a price tag of Rs 30,000.

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