Apple has released the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max

Apple iPhone 13 Event: The Apple event finished a while ago. During this period Apple released four models of the iPhone 13 series. These include iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Mini.

The iPhone 13 Pro starts at $ 1099. At the same time, the company said its sales would begin on September 24. According to the company, these four new models get more battery backup than previous generations. The company says the iPhone 13 Pro can run one day after full charge.

IPhone 13 Pro Features

The company says it can record pro-grade video using the iPhone 13 Pro. Also, macro photography can be done from the iPhone 13. It has three cameras which offer macro, ultra wide and telephoto lens. In addition, the company said the remaining effect could be generated through software.

Special focus on the game

At the same time, the company has also focused on gaming. The company has made a lot of changes from display to processor. Pro Motion Display on iPhone 13 Pro, 120Hz refresh rate. According to the company, the iPhone 13 Pro has faster graphics than any other smartphone. Along with this, the iPhone 13 also features three rear cameras. The company calls it the best iPhone.


This time the company has made something new about the camera, which you won’t find in previous models. This time the cinema mode is provided in the camera. You can change the focus of the content during the video and record the video in Dolby Vision.

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