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Apple brought an amazing offer, the iPhone 13 on Rs. Discounts up to 46 thousand

The company has made an amazing offer for those who want to buy the Apple iPhone 13. If you too want to buy the iPhone 13 at a lower price, you have a better chance. The first sale of the iPhone 13 will begin tomorrow, September 24th. In it, all variants of all the models in this series are sold. You can pre-order them now. The company has been making great offers on pre-orders of this series of smartphones. Let’s learn about these offers.

You get a discount of up to 46 thousand
In fact, if you pre-order the iPhone 13 from Apple’s official website or Apple Store, the company will be offering the Apple Trade-In Offer for Rs. 46,900 discount on iPhone worth 89,900. To take advantage of this offer, you must first order an iPhone from Apple’s official website or Apple Store. When booking a phone on the website, the ‘Apple Trade-In’ option will be displayed. After selecting this option, you can buy a new model and get a discount instead of your old smartphone.

You can take advantage of this offer
As soon as you go to the Apple Trade-In option to buy the iPhone 13, you will be asked some questions related to your smartphone, which you need to answer correctly. Depending on the answers you give, Apple will give you an approximate trade-in value and apply that value as a quick credit at the time of buying the phone. Once this process is complete, you will be notified of the delivery date and time. You can get a new one by giving him an old smartphone during delivery.

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