Anupama Anjali decided to take the UPSC journey by making her mentally fit

Success Story of IAS Topper Anupama Anjali: It is important that the candidate is physically and mentally fit during the preparation of the UPSC. If you are mentally fit you will be able to focus on preparation. Today we tell you the story of Anupama Anjali, a 2018 batch IAS officer who successfully completed the UPSC, mentally and physically fit. For those who are currently preparing for UPSC, their story is inspiring.

It’s important to be positive
According to Anupama Anjali, negative thoughts often come up during the preparation of UPSC and people get depressed. It is very important to be positive in such a situation. If you do not overcome the negative thoughts, success here can be very difficult. You have to work hard to keep yourself motivated. Motivation motivates you to move forward.

Refresh yourself by taking breaks in between
Anupama Anjali believes that many times people get bored with studying, and in such a situation, one must refresh themselves by taking breaks in between. With this you will be full of energy and then you will be able to prepare yourself for study again. They believe that every person should exercise and meditate for a while. This helps them keep themselves aloof.

Watch Anupama Anjali’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Anupama Anjali advises others
Anupama believes that when preparing for UPSC, you should stay away from all kinds of distractions. Instead of partying with friends or attending any activity, you need to prepare yourself for the test. It’s a little hard to do but if you do this you can definitely have success at UPSC.

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