Anoop will be the best competitor if he gets rid of unnecessary annoyances; Ashwathy

Ashwathy has become a favorite of Malayalees through the serial ‘Alphonsamma’ aired on Asianet. The series marked a turning point in the acting career of actress Ashwathy or Prasilla Jerin. Apart from Alphonsa, the Malayalee audience also took over Amala, the villain of the serial ‘Kunkumappoovu’. The actor was not very active in acting after marriage. Ashwathy has acted in only four serials in her career. Then the actor, who gave importance to family life, stood aside.

Ashwathy’s new post, which strongly criticizes Bigg Boss on social media, is now going viral. Anoop’s angry scenes, which were seen as mild throughout the first phase of the show, have also gone viral on social media. Ashwathy shared the post after assessing the quarrel between Feroz and Anoop the other day. Ashwathy tells Anoop in a note that if you reduce your anger a bit, you will be the best contestant in the show. The actor also mentions Surya’s captaincy and the strategy of Feroz and his wife.


“Anoop, you are becoming a good player. But is it getting unnecessarily hot? The point is that Kitilu said in that task yesterday .. Please reduce your anger a little .. Ramadan is there to get angry. As well as how Adoni became a fake player when he performed well on the clock task. I do not understand it .. Friendship and kinship are not in the task Adoni .. It must be understood. Then Firoz and his wife can be said to be the best players for Big Boss. Their nondescript strategy may not be different. The target was lucky .. but not accepted .. Now Michelle has jumped on the bandwagon … Anyway, the two of them are reading the rules and regulations at night and memorizing. Surya you are just innocent .. Captaincy is a big failure so everyone will pick up and wash next week. Anyway, everyone has given me all the roses for this weekend. “

Ashwathy has stated that the opinion expressed in this is only his own and only my views.

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