Ankush Bhati failed at UPSC after studying too fast

IAS Topper Ankush Bhati’s success story: It is often said that the people who succeed in the UPSC exam are amazing from the beginning. But many applicants break new myths every year and create new records. Today we tell you the story of IAS Ankush Bhati, who failed in the first attempt despite being at the top of the university. Eventually, with good technique and hard perseverance, he succeeded in the second attempt. Her story tells us that it is important to strive in the right direction at UPSC.

The university was in the top position during engineering
Ankush Bhati was originally of Jewish descent in Uttar Pradesh. He did his early education from Kendriya Vidyalaya. After this he decided to do engineering from the Birla Institute of Ranchi. He was very skilled in his studies, and he topped the university in engineering. The President of India was awarded the Gold Medal. After college, he was offered a job by the company and he worked for about a year. After that he decided to go to UPSC.

Such was the journey of the UPSC
Although Ankush has a strong educational background. But in his first attempt at UPSC, his strategy did not work and he faced failure. But instead of being disappointed, they rectified their shortcomings and made the second attempt better. Finally, in 2018 Ankush Bhati fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS by acquiring the All India Rank 238. He had to work hard for almost 3 years for success here.

Watch Ankush Bhati’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Ankush’s advice to other aspirants
While preparing for UPSC, Ankush believes that you should study and take care of current affairs. You should go through previous years papers so that you can get a better understanding of the questions that will be asked in the exam. When your preparation is complete, assess your situation by looking at mock test papers. They say that if you adopt such a policy, your chances of success are greatly increased.

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