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Android users are now able to send emoji responses to messages such as the iPhone

New Features of Google Message: If you are using an android phone and your friend’s iPhone so far you will have several problems to talk through the message. The emoji response in the message changing from the original file is a big problem, but this issue is going away soon. To alleviate this problem, Google has made changes to its messaging app. Added a new feature under it. This new feature will make you feel like Apple and how the gap between the two operating systems is reduced.

This problem has just arrived

Currently, while iPhone users send emojis when talking via a message from iMessage, Android users don’t see that emoji. When you click on it, it will appear in Google Message translated from iPhone. On the other hand, Android users who use Google Messages have no option to send emoji. But this problem will be far removed from the new update.

What has changed

According to the report, Google added this feature in its latest beta update. Under this, you will be able to easily see emoji messages from iMessage, but you can also send the same emojis from Google messages. According to the report, it was released in beta version and very few users are looking at this feature. Soon the company can launch it for all its users.

It will also be available in the new Google Messages update

Moreover, the new update also gives users the option to have birthday messages of friends and loved ones in Google Messages, the report said. That is, Google will send you a reminder when a birthday message arrives. From now on you can wish the boy a happy birthday.

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