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Android Smartphone Lost, Learn How To Find And Delete This Data If Not Found

Android smartphone tips: Let’s try to deal with an event you definitely don’t want to happen. Like forgetting or losing your Android phone. Your smartphone has a lot of personal data about you, login credentials and other important details that you can’t miss. We have a few steps for you on how to find that phone first and then lock it remotely or delete all its data.

How to find, lock or delete data on the device

  • Sign in with your Google Account using the Android device you own. If you’re signed in with more than one account, make sure you’re signed in to the main profile.
  • First you go to https://www.google.com/android/find?u=0. Or you can google “Find My Device” and go here.
  • Find My Device As soon as the web page opens, a notification is sent to the lost phone.

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  • If you think the phone has not received any notification, click the Refresh Page button that comes to the right of the lost phone photo that appears on the page.
  • Now, a notification is sent back to the lost phone. As soon as the phone receives a notification, you see its location on the map. If not, you’ll still be able to see its last location.
  • You will also see three options on the left side of the screen: play sound, delete a secure device and a device. If you choose the former, your phone will ring at full volume for 5 minutes, even if it is in silent or vibration mode.

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  • Clicking on a secure device remotely locks your phone with your PIN, password or screen lock. If you don’t have any of them back when you have the phone, you can still set up a new one. Also, if someone receives a call, you can send a message with any other contact number or PIN / password / screen lock to help someone reach you.
  • Clicking on the Delete device will permanently delete all data in the phone’s local storage. Deleting all data will delete the Find My Device function on the device, so be careful with this step.

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