Android and iPhone users can remove a password from a PDF file like this

Nowadays PDF files are being used more than ever before. It contains important information for people, which is why password is protected by applying. But sometimes this is a problem, because you have to enter the password each time you open the file. If you are experiencing this problem, today we will tell you how to remove password from PDF.

Android users can remove the password from this type of PDF

To remove the password from the PDF, first open the PDF file in the Chrome browser.
Enter a password to unlock it.
Now click on the three dots given at the top right here.
Once this is done, after clicking on Share, select Print and save it to the destination by clicking Save PDF.
Now here your PDF file will be saved without password.

IPhone users can remove a password from this type of PDF

If you are an iPhone user you must first download the PDF Expert App from the App Store on your phone.
Now go to the Applications menu, go to the Files folder and select the PDF file you want to remove.
Now to open the file, click Open It, enter the password and unlock the file.
Now click on the three dots given in the upper right.
Once this is done, you will see the Change password option, select it and click Remove password.
Once this is done, the password will be removed from your PDF file.

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