Amit Kale passed the UPSC exam not once, twice but knows his success story

Success Story of IAS Topper Amit Kale: The story of every successful candidate at UPSC is unique in itself. The story of Amit Kale is also very interesting. He gave the UPSC exam four times. He failed on the first two attempts, passed the third but did not get the desired rank, after which he again cleared the UPSC exam on the fourth attempt and became the IAS target. Learn how he studied.

Read the difficult topics in depth
Amit believes that if you feel that any subject is difficult at the time of preparation of the UPSC, pay close attention to it and set its facts and figures well in your mind. Also, after all things have been prepared, take time apart for that matter. If you do that thing will make you stronger and you can score more of it. This tactic has been very effective for them and they have had success in UPSC twice in a row. He failed on the first and second attempt. In the third attempt, the UPSC passed the exam but did not rank well. He finally fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS in 2018.

Pay attention to time management
According to Amit Kale, if you learn to perform time management during the preparation of UPSC, it will prove to be very important to you. They say that you should take many old papers and practice solving them in a timely manner so that you can do better in a shorter time on paper day. According to them, if you do everything in accordance with time, you will have the right time to write the answer from the revision and read each topic.

Watch Amit Kale’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Amit Kale advises others
Amit believes that you should be prepared with UPSC’s limited books. If necessary, take the help of the internet by making a good schedule and try to study as much as possible. They say you can soon find success here by striving in the right direction. She says revision and answer writing are also very important. If you keep track of all these things, you will definitely be sitting the exam with good preparation.

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