Amid allegations of bribery, Amazon says, ‘Corruption cannot be tolerated at any cost’

There are allegations of bribery by some e-commerce company Amazon against some legal representatives of India. The company has since stated that the allegations of improper action are not taken lightly and will closely investigate such acts to take appropriate action. Amazon, without making the allegations clear, said the company would not tolerate corruption.

The investigation began
According to media reports, Amazon has launched an investigation against some of its legal representatives on charges of bribing Indian government officials. Not only that, the company has asked its senior corporate lawyers to go on vacation.

“Do not tolerate corruption”
On this issue, an Amazon spokesperson said we would not tolerate corruption. We take allegations of unlawful acts seriously and investigate them thoroughly. Take appropriate action. At this time we do not comment on any allegations or the status of any investigation.

“Take companies seriously”
According to experts, American companies like Amazon take seriously the complaints of ‘whistle blowers’. Especially such complaints about bribing foreign government officials to conduct business. It is committed to ensuring compliance with corporate governance rules.

Ongoing investigation against Amazon
Amazon’s case comes as the company is reportedly facing an investigation by the Fair Trade Regulator, the Competition Commission of India (CCI). Moreover, legal disputes are continuing among Amazon’s future group.

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