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Amazing feature in Microsoft Teams, now your message arrives in one click

Microsoft Teams: If you are using Microsoft Teams you have good news. In fact you have now got a special feature in this application. Microsoft has released a walkie-talkie feature on teams. This feature is great for you in many ways. This makes it very easy to use. Microsoft recently shared information about launching this feature online. Let us tell you in detail what this feature is and how it works.

What is this feature

The walkie-talkie feature is different from the call in teams. You can also use it without a keypad. This does not require searching and calling or receiving someone’s profile. In the walkie-talkie feature, users need to hold the mic button and talk. Hold the mic until you want to talk. As soon as you step down from the mic, your audio message goes to the person you chose.

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Can be used this way

To use the walkie-talkie feature, you must first add it to the application (Microsoft Teams app). You will see it 48 hours after setting it in the app. Turn on this type of setting.

  • You can turn this setting on by going to the Microsoft Teams Manager Center, Teams App and Setup Policies.
  • You should keep the ‘Allow User Pinning’ option before launching it. After this, go to the Pinned Apps section and tap on ‘+ Add Apps’.
  • This is where the Pind Op will appear on the right. After going to this, you will see a new walkie-talkie feature.
  • Now after saving the setting, you will see this option.

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