After working for years, Neha Bhosle started preparing for UPSC, which later became successful

IAS Topper Neha Bhosle’s Success Story: Some people always think about doing something new in their careers. Even with a good job, they try to innovate. Neha Bhosle did the same thing, she made up her mind to join UPSC after working for a few years. Once he tried to prepare with a job, but due to lack of preparation, he quit his job and later found success at UPSC. In 2019 he fulfilled his dream of becoming an IAS by getting the All India Rank 15.

Three years work after MBA
He graduated from Mumbai University with an engineering degree after the Mumbai-based Neha Intermediate. After this he thought of doing something new and cleared IIM entrance and got MBA admission. After MBA he got a good job. He worked for about 3 years. After this, his mind started to think about doing something new again. Now he made a plan to go to UPSC.

What was the journey of the UPSC?
When she was first given the UPSC exam, she was working. Because of work, her preparation didn’t go well and she failed on the first try. In 2017, she quit her job and started preparing completely. He worked hard and prepared for about 2 years. He finally passed the UPSC exam in 2019. In this way Neha became an IAS officer.

Watch Neha Bhosle’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Neha’s advice to others
Neha Bhosle believes that if you have been preparing for UPSC for some years, you can definitely fulfill your dream here. He says there is a need to take special care here about proper technique and time management. If you prepare in the right direction at the right time, you will soon find success.

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