After studying the financial crisis, Shubham Gupta decided to travel to UPSC

Success Story of IAS Topper Shubham Gupta: With hard work and good technique, you can succeed at UPSC. It doesn’t matter what your financial background is. Only hard work here will lead to your success. Today we will tell you the story of Shubham Gupta, an All India Topper at UPSC, who did his study amidst financial hurdles. But he never let his situation come to an end in the midst of his success and kept working hard. Shubham’s story is inspiring to all.

UPSC decided during graduation
Shubham Gupta, a resident of Jaipur, Rajasthan, did his initial study here. He was always serious about studies and that is why he kept his grip on studies from scratch. Intermediate then got admission at Delhi University. From here she completed her BA Honors. It is time that Shubham decided to go to UPSC.

Deal with failures
Shubham had success at UPSC from the beginning. He had to work very hard for success here. He failed on his first 2 attempts. On the third attempt, he passed the UPSC exam but came to rank 366. After that he decided to give it another try. This time Shubham’s luck was good and he was awarded All India Rank 6. Thus Shubham’s dream of becoming an IAS was fulfilled.

Watch Shubham Gupta’s interview with the Delhi Knowledge Track here

Shubham’s advice to others
Shubham believes that in order to pass this test, you need to keep track of the study and the events around you. Overall reform in UPSC can only be a dream of civil service. In such a situation, along with studies, keep an eye on current affairs. Also, don’t be afraid of failures. Those who work hard here definitely get the goal.

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