334 new coronavirus positive cases report in karnataka death toll rise

Covid will infect 334 new people in the state on Wednesday. Six people have died from the infection, with the death toll rising to 12,309.

A total of 9,49,183 cases have been reported in the state so far. Of these, 9,30,778 were recovered. The remaining 6077 patients are being treated at a designated hospital and Kovid care center.

313 people were healed in a single day on Wednesday. The health status of 122 patients was serious and recorded in intensive care units. The rate of infection detection in the state is 0.52 per cent, while the tree rate is down to 1.79 per cent.

199 returned to the city on Wednesday from England. Of those who came, 63 have been confirmed infected so far. Infections were detected in 26 of them. Britain’s mutation will affect 25 people.

174 cases in Bangalore, 174 cases in Bangalore 171 infected persons were cured and 3,95,515 were cured. 4,379 patients are receiving treatment. Four people died of the infection, and the death toll increased to 4,462.

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