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3 amazing features in Telegram, you have seen

New Features of Telegram: Telegram is constantly bringing amazing features to users to challenge WhatsApp. The company has gifted its users a great gift by releasing three new features in the new year. These three features prove to be very useful for those who use this messaging app. Such features are currently not available on WhatsApp. Let us explain in detail what the three features are and how they work.

1. Message Translate Facility (Message Translation)

One of the best features that the company has added in its new update is message translation. Under this, users will now be able to translate any message to another language. To enable this, you need to enable the translation feature by going to the language selection in Settings. When you enable it, you see this option when sending a message to someone. Android phones running the Telegram app get this feature, but on the iPhone, this feature only works on iOS 15 and the latest version.

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2. Feedback on messages

There was a lot of talk about this feature last month. WhatsApp is also working on a feature that responds to the message, but Telegram has launched it before it leaves. Under this feature, its users can now respond to any message via emoji. This feature is already available on social media platforms such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. To use this feature, you have to tap once any message you receive, you will see different emojis. Now you have to select an emoji and click on it. After that it goes into emoji response. Users now get 11 emojis for feedback.

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3. Spoiler feature

You won’t get this amazing feature in any other app right now. Under it, users can choose spoiler formatting by selecting any part of their text while typing the message. It hides an excerpt from the chat bar and chat bar. To see it, you need to click on the spoiler again.

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