2 lakh parking car fine meals buying grandfather grandson england

LONDON: A grandmother’s car was parked in a car park for 17 minutes and cost over Rs 2 lakh.

John Babbage, 75, has decided to make a meal for his grandson. It is rumored everywhere that a grandson is paid Rs 200 and fined Rs 2 lakh for parking.

Grandpa and grandson come in the car to pick up lunch. If you have bought a meal for 200 rupees. The grandson has got friends who need to go home. The grandson has gone with them to play. Until grandson came in the car in the parking lot. But that’s where John fell asleep.


The grandson is late. But parking time was only 2am free. If that time was exceeded, a fine had to be paid. John was unaware of this. He parked his car there for an additional 17 minutes. After this he has called his grandson and gone home.

The car-packing company sent John a notice on this. But it went to a different address. Thus the fines are further increased. At last the officials of the debt collection agency in England had come home and demanded a fine of 2 lakhs. The grandfather’s grandson has gone to pay a fine of Rs 2 lakh.

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