1.6 lakh students from private schools in Delhi have moved to government schools

Over 2.4 lakh students studying in various private schools in Delhi have applied for admission in government schools in Delhi for the academic year 2021-22. Of these, applications for admission from nursery to class 12 were submitted. More than 1.58 lakh students have completed admission. On the other hand, principals of government schools say that these admissions were higher in grades 9 and 11 and that this increase was attributable to the economic loss to parents in Kovid-19.

According to data released by the Directorate of Education (DoE), about 230 36 thousand 522 applications have been received for 12th grade nurses in 1030 government schools.

More than 1 lakh students have been admitted so far

So far 484 students of 1 lakh 58 thousand have been admitted and the process is ongoing. This data is for non-admissions students and for students studying in private schools. However, data on last year’s non-plan admissions have not been released. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, “This is the first time this is happening in India.”

Admission is granted without a transfer certificate

This year there have been two cycles of the entry period for non-plan entry. The Delhi government has allowed students from private schools to get admission in their schools without a transfer certificate. In this regard, it is stated that the department automatically receives TC from the respective schools.

With this increase, the total number of students enrolled in Delhi government schools has reached 17.67 lakh, the DoE said. In 2020-21, this figure is 16.28 lakh and in 2019-20 it is about 15.05 lakh.

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